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Siemens Enterprise Communications

Unify OpenScape Office & OpenScape Business helps to make small and medium-sized businesses to be more productive, enables them to excel in customer service and to cut unnecessary costs. Delivering cutting-edge UC functionality, OpenScape collates voice and conference services, voice mail, messaging, mobility, a multimedia contact centre and presence functionality to form an easy-to-use and flexible system.

The OpenScape solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes from small businesses, schools and restaurants right the way through to large organizations with hundreds of users and IP technology users. Phonelink can provide a full Unify solution to your school or businesses in the Swansea area and throughout Wales whatever the size.

Unify (formerly Siemens) Systems - Phonelink Installations

OpenScape X3 - Phonelink Installations

The OpenScape X3 is a versatile rack / wall mounted system ideal for a multitude of situations small to medium sized businesses experience. The X3 is a flexible and scalable IP system, but also supports all necessary digital and analogue interfaces making it ideal for 5 to 40 users utilizing either analogue or ISDN2 lines. This makes it suitable for every customerís requirements. The X3 supports any combination of IP, analogue, and digital telephones, as well as PC clients and cordless phones.

OpenScape X5 - Phonelink Installations

The OpenScape X5 is a flexible mounted system offering solutions to suit many different applications, from basic systems to advanced and complex solutions. This is a real-time IP system that also supports all necessary digital and analogue interfaces.

Interactive user prompting via display and dialogue keys on OpenStage handsets provides for quick and easy activation of features. Ideal for 12 to 80 users with ISDN2, ISDN30 or analogue lines. The universal software concept offers a professional range of features normally only found on larger systems.

Unify X8 - Phonelink Installations

The Unify X8 is the largest of the OpenScape Business family. It supports up to 128 channels of ISDN lines, 60 channels of SIP as well 500 IP handsets and up to 328 digital or analogue handsets. Not only does this allow you to use a mix of trunks depending on your business needs, it allows you to grow the system right up to a fully featured OpenScape UC platform.

Native IP connectivity allows users to share their applications and resources within a single location or throughout a multi-site network. The X8 delivers intelligence in communications.

Siemens Enterprise Communications

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