Alternate Routing, Low Cost Routing

Reduce your business telephone bills, without changing the way you operate, simply by changing your supplier…

Since the de-regulation of the telecom industry you should understand that you have the option to choose who provides your communications. Phonelink Installations is well aware that whatever the size of your business, you will be looking to achieve the very best in quality and value from your telecommunications.

We are able to provide our customers with cheaper call costs and line rental charges through our associate companies who can offer low cost telecommunications solutions that delivers the call quality, service and availability that you would expect from a national carrier. We listen to our customer's needs, look at your business and provide you with a tailor-made, cost saving solution, that you can trust.

Switching carriers is seamless and can save you a lot of money. There is no change to the way you make your telephone calls; we simply arrange for BT to programme their exchange using carrier pre selection. (CPS). This means no pre-dialling and no boxes on the wall, which virtually guarantees that all calls are carried at the reduced cost. You can even schedule easy payment via Direct Debit.

Nothing changes in the way you operate - your calls simply cost less. You keep your own telephone number. No disruption to service. Use with telephone systems, modems, fax machines etc.etc. No minimum contract period.

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