March 10, 2015 9:05 am

What our business can tell us about social media

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In the modern, hyper connected world it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep actual connections with customers and work partners. Indeed, there are even articles instructing us how to use the word “friend” and there is no dispute as to the cause: social media and online communication  are distancing us from our customers.

We deal with some Twitter in Walesof the top companies, public services and educational organisations in Wales and it is no surprise when we see how highly they rank the ability to communicate. A simple telephone call is not only useful for the initial message companies are trying to get across, more importantly, it’s the conversation afterwards that can make the difference.

With solutions that help companies unify their communications we not only facilitate traditional telephone calls we can also initiate video calls, collaborative working, instant messaging, presence and unified messaging such as voicemail to email.  This provides customers with a unified approach across multiple devices and media-types.

Our Twitter account is fantastic, we use it for to keep our followers up to date with current information and it is a great way for customers or follows to communicate with us.

Its completely true that social media is crucial and should be seen as a tool.  Twitter is a great way to spread a message to a large number of people and some aspects of social media help business find new customers and expand audiences.  However, telephony and unified communications can help bring all these aspects together to give both customers and potential prospects the best experience when dealing with you.

In the end the lesson to learn from this growing aspect of social media is that flexibility is key.  We are looking to maximize this flexibility within the services and solutions we can provide our customers.  With data products that will allow you to communicate and upload/download information as quickly as possible,  Fibre projects that will link separate building and offices together to share resources as well as feature rich telephone systems and hosted solutions that make communicating easier for everyone.

It’s true that whilst social media is a wonderful tool, it’s no substitute for an in depth conversation. Call us to find out how we can make your calls even cheaper or your connections more reliable on 01792 875999   …or follow us on twitter!