October 1, 2014 9:35 am

What Happens When Cutting Edge Meets Practicality

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Under the same scheme as the Baglan Technium, we were approached by the Pembrokeshire  CC to fit the new Technium in Pembrokeshire with data and telephony systems that would keep the businesses set to move into the incubation site up and running whilst also giving them the edge they would need to innovate and expand.

Baglan TechniumWe installed a category 6 data system [link] to connect the building’s 900 data outlets to accommodate the  sheer numbers of businesses that would be filling the building and fitted fibre-optic cabling between the 15 data cabinets to allow the businesses and the building the opportunity to fulfill all the requirements  the growing, dynamic businesses would need.

Flexibility is one of the key components in modern telephony and the post-Fordian business market in general; its integration into hardware technology and online requirements need to be future-proof. Because of this we, at Phonelink, are constantly looking to improve our range of technology and capabilities to best fit with our clients and business partners.

One of our trademark products is the TE-Connectivity blown fibre system that allows a business to upgrade their fibre-optic system again and again without the hassle of having their lines dug up, their cabling routes dusted off and their staff disrupted. This was one of the key components of the system that we installed for the Baglan Technium. Simply by attaching a compressor to one end of the cabling system we have been able to double and even treble the fibre-optic bandwidth of the building. As bandwidth requirements increase, we expect to see this type of system to become more and more popular among our clients as we all stay abreast of cutting edge technology.

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