June 1, 2015 9:15 am

Reliable cabling allows groundbreaking research

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Swansea University’s Institute of Life Sciences is an impressive project, with functions and facilities ranging from business incubation, research labs, lecture and meeting rooms and office suites. We didn’t speak their language of ‘infection thromboembolism’ and ‘vascular hemostasis’ but we did know what they wanted when they asked for 6 floors of top quality fibre optics, expandability and a link to the university’s central backbone.
Because of the nLife Sciences Buildingeed to balance the fastest and most reliable telephony and intranet systems, Phonelink chose to install category 6 and 6A Cabling in the cutting edge extension to Swansea Universities’ main campus. Also, to allow for an increase in required bandwidth, connection points and user requirements, we installed a blown fibre-optic system in the life sciences building that links back into the universities’ backbone data system, a system that we also installed as part of our ongoing, long term partnership with Swansea University that also includes all maintenance at the Singleton
Campus and soon to include all residential wiring at the new Bayside Campus.

The ground breaking research that the building has completed in the past 5 years reminds us every day that the work we do may not be glamorous but it often plays a part in the network that can make great things happen. In the long run it’s often the small thing that matter, because of this we offer all our clients a maintenance contract with Phonelink that gives our clients the peace of mind that they will have national experts to call on if their phone or internet connections fail at the worst time.