November 4, 2014 9:19 am

How we made sure the emergency services don’t have their networking and telephony let them down

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No-one appreciates the importance of a reliable telephone and data system than the emergency services. Because of this, we were thrilled to be approached by Dyfed Powys Police to fit their control centre. The Powys area is the largest county in Wales and because of this we had a unique challenge of balancing the size of the site with the speed that they needed.

Dyfed Powys Emergency Station

Emergency situations should be the police’s job not something their telephony causes.

Communication is key in life and death situations and by installing fibre optic cabling to their main police headquarters, we enabled the emergency centre to get the very most out of the 1500 outlet Krone data network we installed for them. We always talk about our pride of completion and in this job it really goes without saying. The work the emergency services do out of this site is outstanding and we were honoured to be selected to work with them. The speed of response that we needed to offer the emergency services in this job allowed us to develop a new logistical method that allows us to reach all emergency callouts from our maintenance clients within one day from Monday to Saturday. For more information on how we can help you with telephony and networking projects, let us know on 01792 875999 or via email. Rest assured that we will be treating your needs as just as important as we did the needs of the Dyfed Powys!