July 2, 2015 9:01 am

Cabling every school in the Swansea area; no mean feat

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This month will be one year into one if our most intricate project yet. In collaboration with Swansea Council and Logicalis, we have been modernizing the Swansea area’s schools; all 93 of them. The aim of the project is to further facilitate the development of digital and online teaching methods that Swansea’s teachers are pioneering

online learning

Wales is pioneering the introduction of electronic education.

Cutting through to the practicalities, this was a complicated project for us. Our part in the project was to install the cable infrastructure to allow our partners to fit over 1600 Wi-Fi points that had the bandwidth and reliability that only a school (and maybe a university) would need. These Wi-Fi  points would be in addition to the digital access points, voip handsets (Voice Over IP), data cabinets and cable covering. At the time of publishing we are finished in 30 sites and ready to install on 35 more but, I’m sure you can understand, installing in schools is a lesson in logistics. No parent wants us drilling holding clips into the wall during their child’s performance, exam, singing lesson (ect…) and our installers would rather not to be weaving their way through reception’s painting sets. This kind of progress is what we expected so existing customers needn’t worry about it impacting the completion of their installations and maintenance. As this project progresses, we are more and more proud of our installation teams who have trekked through the snow and now put up with the changeable summer showers in working with our maintenance clients and working long hours with the bigger projects we’re developing. We wouldn’t be nearly as reliable or relatable without them! [picture of installer and link to about us page] More info on the system being installed and the project in general and for more information about what we can do for you contact us on 01792 875999 or drop us an email.