December 1, 2014 9:54 am

What does the cutting edge of telephony look like? The answer is that its cost effective!

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Because of our partnership with Unify phone systems (formerly Siemens) Phonelink is proud to offer a range of their reliable and scalable telephone systems that all link to their OpenScape system that offers instant messaging, a custom made mobile application along with the VoIP and call functionality that all our services include. Unify OpenScape helps small and medium-sized businesses become more productive, it enables them to excel in customer service and also cuts costs.

Unify OpenscapeThe Openscape solutions are ideal for small businesses, schools, and restaurants right the way through to large organizations with hundreds of users and IP technology users. Phonelink can provide a full Unify solution to your school or businesses in the Swansea area and throughout Wales whatever the size. It delivers these promises through a massive range of recognized handsets that allow the end user to tailor their experience to the expectations they have from the system. Not only this but the Unify system has the same operating system irregardless of the size of the network allowing any users to be just as confident to manage a large telephony operation as they would be managing a single users end experience.

We, at Phonelink, use the OpenScape system along with the Unify handsets and they suit us down to the ground, we didn’t need to give our intern a induction into the system as he picked it up almost as easy as he picked up the handset for the first time. As a telephony and cabling company we want to be dealing with other peoples systems rather than our own and all while being practically bulletproof. The carrier grade reliability really makes a difference to us and our server rack (and our admin’s blood pressure).

For more information or to take advantage of our consultation then call us on 01792 870104 or if you just want to see if your current telephony system has any problems you should know about, call 01792 875999 to arrange your system health-check.